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Courtesy: SwimSwam, a Hammer Head partner.

Swim Like A. Fish is introducing Hammer Head Swim Caps to its athletes because they believe swimmers should have the same head protection as other competitive athletes to achieve their very best results.

Abbie Fish, founder of Swim Like A. Fish is a former US Olympic Trial qualifier, UGA NCAA swimmer, and Expert Technique coach at The Race Club, Nashville Aquatic Club and USA Swimming High Performance Department’s under Russell Mark.

Fish works virtually with swimmers and coaches are all around the world to help them make better informed decisions regarding their swimming technique. She states “Starting Swim Like A. Fish allowed me to channel my love for video analysis and stroke technique to help swimmers compete at their highest level. With this, it means each swimmer is really pushing their limits physically, taking risks, and training at a very intense rate. There’s no doubt that head position in the water is crucial — the faster you get. That’s why it’s 100% necessary that my swimmers have the confidence that if they put their head down in the pool (where they need to) — they will be safe all the way through the finish.”

Theresa Finn, Co-Founder, and CEO of Hammer Head says “Abbie has earned the respect and large client base in the performance swimming community. She has also connected the dots, calling out the need for head protection for the most elite swimmers as they take risks and push their limits every day!” 

Fish adds “In addition to being safer, Hammer Head helps my client’s racing performance. Whether it’s actually putting numbers to the science, or the feel behind the cap — swimmers can tell when putting the Hammer Head cap on (just like a dome cap), they are faster.”

About Hammer Head® Swim Caps

Hammer Head Swim Caps is a patented product of Mako International LLC, co-founded by David Burns, a 20-year swim coach and Theresa Finn, a swim mom and business executive with a manufacturing background. The Hammer Head has been endorsed by Olympians Rowdy Gaines and Josh Davis, USA Artistic Swimming and Hope Floats Foundation. Hammer Head Swim Caps are the world’s only protective swim cap and are ideal for every age and skill level of swimmer bringing confidence in the water through improved head protection.

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About Swim Like A. Fish

Swim Like A. Fish is an online, educational resource for swimmers and coaches — started by retired UGA swimmer, Abbie Fish. Coach Abbie has coached clients as young as 5 and as old as 90 — including some Olympic athletes.

Swim Like A. Fish founder Abbie Fish.

Not only does Abbie work online with swimmers, she also does travel and perform in-person clinics. Abbie’s clinics vary between 1-5 days —focusing specifically on stroke technique, including starts/turns, underwaters, breakouts, and her stroke mechanic philosophy.

What Abbie has found is that each clinic is centered around what the club is looking for improvement in — every clinic is a bit different! The best part of marrying online coaching with in-person is the post- follow-up education the swimmers get from having Coach Abbie out in person.

If you or your team is looking to get better, Abbie truly believes that anyone with the heart to train can benefit from technical advice. Get in touch with Coach Abbie today!

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To learn more about the Hammer Head Swim Cap, check out a few videos below:




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