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As you may know, the mission of International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) is to provide swimming coaches and teachers with a exceptional, science-based education, while fostering an international network of professionals who will define the future of swimming.

Doug Fonder, Founder and Executive Director at ISCA shared "we are extremely proud to partner with Hammer Head because safety and the well-being of swimmers, in and out of the pool, is one of our top priorities."

The unique design of the Hammer Head swim cap may have the answer to head injuries in the swimming pool and open water alike. The Hammer Head is the world's only protective swim cap with a patented layer inside of, what otherwise feels like, swim caps you grew up with.

David Burns, co-founder and COO at Hammer Head Swim Caps says he and his co-founder and CEO, Theresa Finn, got the idea for Hammer Head when he was coaching a backstroke swim clinic when two kids – his eight-year-old daughter and a 14-year old swimmer – individually hit their heads on the pool wall while finishing. After helping the kids, David remarked that swimmers should have helmets – and the idea for the Hammer Head swim cap was born.

Fonder adds "The protective cushion built into the Hammer Head caps should be required equipment for every swimmer around the world. Not only that, the Hammer Head cap extensively tested by Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. and The Race Club, came out to be the fastest cap on the market. Combining safety and speed is something every coach wants their swimmers to have."

Finn continues "collisions occur at the pool wall, but even more frequently head-to-head with other swimmers in busy practice or warm-up lanes. Swimmers need to look out for themselves and their noggin....the Hammer Head is designed to do just that."

Fonder explains"together we will be focused on member education regarding head safety. With this revolutionary new technology for aquatic athletes, we will reduce the number of injuries, boost the confidence of swimmers who fear hitting the wall or other swimmers and help them drop time in competition." 

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