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    Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. asks swimmers at The Race Club to swim the length of the pool with their head down in a streamline position looking directly at the black line on the bottom of the pool. He goes on to explain that this will make them faster and it will be easier!
    When asked, all of his swimmers said they have collided with other swimmers in busy lanes in practice or warm-ups. It may have hurt or even caused an injury. 
    To swim faster and avoid head injuries here are four easy tips Dr. Hall, Sr. recommends once your head is in the correct position.
    • #1 Be the lane leader or keep 10 seconds between yourself and the swimmer in front of you.
    • #2 Stay on the right side of the lane, not the middle.
    • #3 Wear the Hammer Head Swim Cap with an inside cushion.
    • #4 Pray a lot that you don't collide with another swimmer and get injured.
    The Race Club loves the Hammer Head for two reasons
    #1 The cushion inside the cap helps prevent accidental injuries and makes you more confident to keep your head in the correct streamline position.
    #2 This cap reduces frontal drag by up to 10.5% and is faster than any other swim cap. Dr. Hall recommends wearing the Hammer Head in practice and in competition.

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