USA Artistic Swimming Caps

USA Artistic Swimming endorsed Hammer Head® Swim Caps in 2019 as a first step in their movement to keep their athletes safe in the water. Artistic swimming is a team sport that requires strong acrobatic athletes, demanding practices, and tight formations that put every swimmer at risk of a pool accident or head injury.

Sarah Urke's Olympic dreams were shattered after suffering a career-ending injury that changed her life. Hear her story and what she has to say about Hammer Head.

USA Artistic Swimming recently partnered with CRASHCourse by TECHAids, a culmination of more than two years of research and development and thousands of hours featuring 700+ individual's powerful and personal concussion stories. Focused on the causes, symptoms and personal suggestions after their head injury and backed by renowned and respected organizations as BIAA, NCYS, Palo Alto VA, SPICE and in collaboration with the support of USOPC’s National Governing Bodies.









Checkout Perfect, a documentary film that dives beyond the sequins and mascara to follow a team of elite athletes who will do whatever it takes to make it to the Olympics. They’ll suffer concussions, smashed vertebrae, fractured feet, broken noses, black eyes and dislocated knees. That’s because synchronized swimming is as much of a contact sport as football. These girls never give up or stop smiling.

More interesting, if you subscribe to the New York Times, this article calls out that USA Artistic Swimming has a concussion problem.


In 2016 Bill Moreau, the Managing Director for Sports Medicine for the United States Olympic Committee, estimated that about 50 percent of the synchronized swimmers he has supervised have sustained a concussion.

I would like to introduce you to Hammer Head®! We invented it to raise the bar and take swim caps to a whole new level. With its patented cushion inside the cap and seamless design make it 50% safer and 100% more durable than flimsy latex or silicone caps.

USAAS hosted a webinar featuring Heather Olson, Olympic Gold medalist and artistic swimming coach and Theresa Finn, co-founder and CEO of Hammer Head Swim Caps to discuss how their caps can benefit artistic swimmers. You can watch the full video HERE.

You can put your team logo (up to 6-colors) on your Hammer Head caps and take advantage of bulk order discounts.

When practicing tighter patterns with sharper movements above and below the water, let's protect our future. If each of us trains in a Hammer Head, the chance of injuries are minimized and team training time is maximized.

Anita Alvarez
2x USAAS Olympian & 2021 Athlete of the Year

Every effort to reduce head impact injuries means more time in the pool as a team maximizing competitive success. My swimmers wear Hammer Head and say they feel safer in the water and are especially beneficial for bases and flyers.

Heather Olson
3x USA Artistic Swimming Olympic Gold Medalist and Head Coach of the Walnut Creek Aquanuts

As USA Artistic Swimming improves our overall athlete safety policies, head safety is a primary focus. Hammer Head has committed to helping us with awareness and education and provides a product designed to reduce the impact when there are head collisions. Athlete safety is a top priority of USA Artistic Swimming and partnering with companies like Hammer Head demonstrates how serious we are about it.

Adam Andrasko
CEO of USA Artistic Swimming