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USA Artistic Swimming

USA Artistic Swimming endorsed Hammer Head® Swim Caps as a first step in their movement to make their athletes safer in the water. Long practices, tight formations, strong athletes and acrobatics above and below the water all contribute to the risk for head injuries.

Adam Andrasko, CEO of USA Artistic Swimming has formulated his short list of priorities to improve the overall athlete safety policies and head safety is a primary focus. Hammer Head has been helping us with awareness, education and providing a product that is designed to reduce the impact of top of head hits. Adam partnered with Hammer Head demonstrates how serious they are about it.

USAAS hosted a webinar featuring Heather Olson, Olympic Gold medalist and artistic swimming coach and Theresa Finn, co-founder and CEO of Hammer Head Swim Caps to discuss how their caps can benefit artistic swimmers. You can watch the full video HERE.


Here are the basics…

  • Hammer Head swim caps feature Honeycomb impact technology to reduce injuries in the pool
  • Three sizes (small, medium, large) help to better fit athletes of all ages and sizes to increase protection
  • Swim caps are long-lasting and tear resistant. We have yet to see a Hammer Head’s swim cap tear
  • One-color and multi-color logo capabilities
  • Team discounts with tier-pricing

The importance for artistic swimmers…

  • Heather began using the cap at WCA for swimmers who had sustained impact until she realized it was much more valuable when used proactively to prevent these injuries in the first place
  • Artistic swimming is a team sport, by reducing head-impact injuries you can ensure more time in the pool as a team and maximize competitive success
  • Accidental collisions during laps can be just as dangerous as impact from a lift, caps can be beneficial for all ages and abilities
  • When tested on WCA athletes, the response was that they “felt safer”
  • Can be especially beneficial for bases and flyers


Hammer Head’s mission is to give aquatic athletes, of all ages and skill levels, a cap designed to reduce the chance of accidental and repetitive injuries in the pool, designed for comfort and is made of tear-resistant, premium silicone – designed to outlast other caps.

Head injuries are an issue in nearly every sport. It is an unfortunate reality, but we need to be aware of, informed on and using equipment that can help protect our athletes. We owe athletes and their parents the opportunity to learn about and purchase this equipment.

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