Triathletes & Open Water Swimmers

Wear Hammer Head alone or under your race-day cap for personal protection and confidence!

Hammer Head swim cap was nominated for 2021 Product of the Year by World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) for disrupting the swim cap market with the world’s first protective cap that also reduces drag making it a racing cap.

WOWSA has some great tips on how choose just the right swim cap.




Up to 10.5% FASTER




The first portion of a triathlon is the open water swimming. Athletes partake in a mass start where every participant races into the water at the same time. My Tri World reports that 67% of fatalities in a triathlon happen during the swim portion. As the athletes' race through open water, they have limited visibility as water and other athletes splash all around. The waters can be particularly dangerous in traffic jams at buoy turns. In rough waters, officials are in boats and kayaks in close proximity to the swimmers, creating a hazardous environment.

USA Triathlon is partnered with CRASHCourse by TECHAids, a culmination of more than two years of research and development and thousands of hours featuring 700+ powerful and personal concussion stories focused on the causes, symptoms and personal suggestions after their head injury and backed by renowned and respected organizations as BIAA, NCYS, Palo Alto VA, SPICE and in collaboration with the support of USOPC’s National Governing Bodies. 

Hammer Head® Swim Caps are here to change the playing field. Our proprietary safety technology is designed to make you and your teammates safer in the water, improving your confidence and helping you compete at the highest level.

Competitive pool or open water swimmers alike want the fastest race cap around. This is why the revolutionary new Hammer Head® raises the bar and takes swim caps to a whole new level. With its patented cushion inside the cap combined with a smooth outer surface and seamless design make it 50% safer, up to 10.5% faster and 100% more durable than flimsy latex or silicone caps.

The Hammer Head® Swim Cap is designed for daily practice, during meet warm-ups, and at competitive races. Worry not, we don't want to steal your race cap's thunder! Simply double cap with your Hammer Head to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, drag free surface.


Technology in all sports is continually improving safety and performance, but how do you improve a swim cap? Hammer Head designed the world’s first protective swim cap using a patented honeycomb padding built into the top of the head for collisions in mass open water starts or bumping into support vessels in choppy waters. And, who doesn't want to swim faster?”

Quinn Fitzgerald
CEO - World Open Water Swimming Association

We wear helmets on our bikes, reflective equipment when running at dusk and we buy the best equipment available to us. Why wouldn't we protect our heads while training and competing in busy waters?

Joy McAdams
Ironman Competitor and Momx5

As I learned more about Hammer Head I realized how important it can be for triathlons. Not only is it crucial for head safety in the water during a mass start, but I love the wrinkle-free hydrodynamic design and comfortable fit. As a result, I feel safer, faster and more confident in the water. What a great product!

Greg Dummer
Triathlete & Team USA Ambassador