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Triathlete Swim Caps


Every triathlete knows that in the opening rush of any open water competition there are arms and legs everywhere. The risk of being kicked in the head or colliding with other swimmers is exponentially higher than in any other competitive swim situation.

Joy McAdams, IRONMAN Competitor and Momx5 


Us triathletes wear helmets on our bikes and lights or reflective equipment when running and it is getting it only makes sense to wear the world's only protective swim cap when training and competing. It is crazy what goes on in the thick of a triathlon swim start and how weather conditions can cause even higher risk situations in open water.
I encourage every triathlete to practice and compete wearing the Hammer Head. Double cap in competition with the Hammer Head on first, goggles next and your required competition cap on the outside.

Greg Dummer, USA Olympic Team and Triathlete Ambassador

Hammer Head has changed my view of just what a swim cap can be. The HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® cushion inside was just the start for me. 
But what makes it even better is the wrinkle-free TEKFIT® design provides me with a smooth, wrinkle-free surface so when I am is pushing those hard sets and competing in open water, nothing slows me down. The cap sits on my head perfectly and never moves. I can not say the same for other swim caps which have come off mid-race or mid-set. 
The other great feature is the warmth retention the cap offers. Neoprene caps have never been a comfortable option for me in cold water swimming. They are clunky and never fit right. I am a fan and now I swim every stroke with my Hammer Head.
You should get yourself one!

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