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Protective & Racing Swim Cap Testimonials

We have received hundreds of stories from parents, coaches and athletes in response to the world’s only protective swim cap®. These testimonials have come from the US and around the globe with compelling stories that continue to inspire us and keep focused on our mission to make swimming safer. 

"You wouldn’t put your kid in a car without a car seat or seat belt. The Hammer Head® is exactly the same. It’s a simple but essential piece of safety equipment for every swimmer." 

– Rowdy Gaines, Three Time Olympic Champion 

"Most recently we employed a mandate on our Junior level athletes to wear Hammer Head swim caps during practice and at meets." 

– Chris Dahowski, Head Coach - Senior II, ASCA 4, Paseo Aquatics  

To compete in swimming at your very best, every possible effort should be made to reduce frontal drag during your race. With boats, it is a well-known fact that the shape of the hull at the front end of the boat has a significant influence on its frontal drag forces.

For swimmers, the front end is primarily the head, which is large and roundish; a non-streamlined shape. Anything we can do to reduce frontal drag from the head will be beneficial to the swimmer’s speed.  For a swimmer, the position of the head in the water is crucial. The protruding head sets up the bow wave. The more the head protrudes above the water and the faster the swimmer, the larger the bow wave and the greater the concomitant surface drag. 

Wearing a swim cap is one technique for reducing friction. I have often wondered if the type of swim cap being worn makes a difference. There are swim caps made of latex, silicone and most recently, a thicker silicone material, called dome caps. The thicker dome caps tend to be smoother on the head, while the latex and thinner silicone caps tend to wrinkle on the head. Recently, using our Propulsion/Drag Meter technology (AP labs Italy) in Islamorada, Florida we were able to compare the passive frontal drag forces caused by wearing two different types of swim caps.

I expected to find a difference but was surprised to find how much of a difference the swim cap makes in reducing frontal drag. Given the high speed of the test and considering that the head was underwater for the entire duration, I found that by wearing a Hammer Head cap at top race speed compared to wearing a conventional silicone cap, passive drag force was reduced by 10.5%.

For a swimmer that swims a 50 meter event in 33 seconds, he estimates that amount of drag reduction with the cap could result in a drop in time of a few tenths of a second. That is certainly enough time to win or not win a race.

Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are by Dr. Gary Hall Sr, and may not reflect the typical swimmers results, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results

– Dr. Gary Hall Sr., Founder of The Race Club

"My 15-year-old daughter suffered a serious concussion fall at high school swim practice (other swimmer hit her) and it took her 6-7 months of rehab to recover. I think this cap is a fantastic idea and anything that will give her the confidence to get back in the pool to do what she loves is wonderful!!!"

– Heather, Swimming Mom

"I tried my Hammer Head out for the first time today and was very satisfied. It did feel a bit faster and I think it may have a quality that you might not have used in your descriptions - I got the feeling that the honeycomb technology reduced heat loss without making my head feel sweaty or hot. Normally I can feel the motion of the water against my skull through my swim cap, but I think the hydrodynamic properties of your cap removed the feel, and it was actually quite pleasant although different than what I'm used to.

Looking forward to continued use of your product, and hopefully I will not have to experience it's safety properties. It gave me peace of mind while swimming in my local pool this morning at dusk (they use natural lighting) without lane dividers. Just knowing that I had head protection if another swimmer joined my lane was great."

– Melissa Wieser, Triathlete


"The Hammer Head really helped both of my daughters overcome their fear of hitting their head and to accurately learn their count from the flags to the finish."

– Jennifer Kallus, Swim Mom


"I just heard about your product on a Twin Cities TV station. My granddaughter Savannah is an avid swimmer and competitor. I want to surprise her by purchasing one of your unique caps for her sixteenth birthday."

– Dr. Janet, Swim Grandmother

"I think Hammer Head Swim Caps would be especially beneficial for children during the outdoor season. Due to the sun children like to close their eyes when swimming backstroke and will, more often than not, hit their heads on the wall when they are trying to finish. The Hammer Head Swim Cap will do wonders in the swimming world and will help ensure the safety of athletes at all levels."

– Adam Gannon, University of South Dakota  

My daughter has suffered 2 concussions already because of running into other kids while swimming so I am very interested in getting her something to protect her head."

– Karen, Swim Mom

"A summer league team may have 300+ swimmers on a team, often with 10+ swimmers per lane for warm up or practices.  Watching a single practice or meet warm up shows just how easy it is for a swimmer to take contact from another swimmer, wall or lane rope.  Hammer Head brings safety to the forefront without compromising on the swimmer’s experience."

– Mark Nedza of 

"Recently suffered from a concussion and ex strain from colliding heads with another swimmer. I can’t wait to get my Hammer Head!"

– Isabella   


"While researching swimming gear I came across Hammer Head caps and thought I should give it a try. I was so pleased with the product, it’s fit and design. Now the backstroke is my daughter's best event. Thanks for putting children’s health and safety first." 

– Melissa Sandsness, Swim Mom



"As an older male who has less than a full head of hair, the traditional swim cap has been merely a requirement of races or a way to be seen by other while in open water. The Hammer Head has changed my view of just what a swim cap can be. The impact protection provided by the honeycomb section was just the start for me. I now swim every stroke with my Hammer Head Cap. It provides me with a smooth streamline surface on my head so I know that when I am pushing those hard sets, nothing is slowing me down. The cap sits on my head perfectly and never moves, I can not say the same for other swim caps which I have had come off mid-race or mid-set. I have to say my new favorite feature is the warmth retention the cap offers. Neoprene caps have never been a comfortable option for cold water swimming. They are clunky and never fit right. Now, my head stays comfortable at all times, never too hot or too cold. What can I say, I am a fan of the Hammer Head."

– Kris Swarthout, Triathlete

"My daughter swims for the YMCA in Minnesota looking to see if this is something we should offer the kids on the swim team."

– Marie, Swimming Mom 

"I am living proof that with hard work and perseverance, dreams do come true. Our BREAKOUT team and clinicians have been building champions in-and-out of the water for decades. Safety is of the utmost importance to our sport--emotional, mental and physical. We are excited to align with partners who value the same thing and for this, BREAKOUT with Hammer Head safety swim caps is the perfect fit. Hammer Head the safest, fastest, most comfortable and longest lasting swim cap in the world. No swimmer plans on collisions resulting in head strikes, but it happens all the time. My BREAKOUT clinics will have the best interest of the swimmers in mind being protected by Hammer Head Swim Caps."

– Josh Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist and Founder of BREAKOUT! Swim Clinic 

"Throughout my time swimming and coaching, I’ve seen far too many incidents of swimmers getting hurt and I have personally known girls who have got concussions from being kicked in the head because it is such a contact sport. The Hammer Head Swim Cap would be awesome for girls to wear during practices as an added measure of safety."

– Laurel Streed, Coach, Wayzata High School Synchronized Swim Team  

"Two years ago, I was lost in thought while swimming backstroke. I didn't think I was going that fast but when I hit my head on the wall of the pool it REALLY hurt. A few days later I noticed that foods that should have tasted sweet were tasting salty. And then the headaches started. Pain unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Because of that hit I was diagnosed with a carotid artery dissection. In the course of diagnosis, I learned that this condition can be quite serious and that I was incredibly lucky not to have had a stroke. I also was fortunate to have my sense of taste return to normal. The dissection eventually healed itself, but I was out of the pool for six weeks and a little concerned about getting back in. My wife found the Hammer Head Swim Cap and now I wouldn't swim without it and the peace of mind it gives me."

– Peter Gold, Masters Swimmer 

"Our first responsibility to our new swimmers is to make sure they are safe in the pool. After watching age group swim meet warmups with horror for many decades, the Hammer Head® Swim Cap immediately made sense to me! These are high quality swim caps that provide head protection while also being a super long-lasting wrinkle free silicone swim cap. The “newest” 25% of the swimmers in our program are required to wear the Hammer Head® Swim Cap as standard equipment. This product will serve every child who wears it and family who buys one. It will make every athlete safer and thus more confident in the water, and hence, the athlete can have more fun."

– John Leonard, Executive Director, ASCA American Swim Coaches Association

 "Love this new technology for my 8-year-old backstroker!!! Thank you!"

– Dayna, Swim Mom

"Brooke hit her head during the prelims of the 8 & under backstroke at the Champs meet three years ago. It was such a strong impact that I could hear the gasps of other spectators. She didn’t swim the backstroke again in a meet for two years and she still is apprehensive to swim that stroke. If Brooke had been wearing some type of protective cap, I’m confident that the impact of hitting the pool wall wouldn’t have affected her as it did."

– Angie Lubenow, Parent of USA Swimmer

"I think Hammer Head Swim Caps is especially beneficial for all swimmers in busy lanes during practice, warm-ups and cool-downs."

– Adam Gannon, Head Aquatics Director, Life Time Minnesota Swimming

"Hope Floats Foundation has partnered with Hammer Head Swim Caps to take a proactive approach to make swimmers safer in the water. For each of these caps purchased, a donation will be made to Hope Floats Foundation to provide swimming lessons for children living in poverty. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under 5 and the second leading cause of accidental death for children 14 and under. Statistics show that low-income children and children of color are at a higher risk of drowning. Hope Floats empowers local communities with the tools to launch and sustain local swim lessons scholarship programs for children in poverty. 100% of local funds raised stay local and work to prevent drownings by teaching children in need how to swim and save their own lives. It really does make a difference. Studies from the National Institutes of Health tell us that participation in formal swim lessons result in an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning for children."

– Cindy Tonnesen, Founder and President of Hope Floats Foundation

 "My 4-year-old had a serious fall and has a traumatic brain injury. I would love to get one of these, so she can resume learning how to swim and I don’t have to be fearful of her hitting her head in the pool. Thank you!"

– Melissa, Swim Mom

"I was in a car accident in 2017, one that left me with a severe TBI.
It took months of therapy to get back to my regular running and swimming routine. Because I often "lose myself" in my pool workout, I was afraid of hitting my head against the wall and causing further harm. Hammer Head came at a time in my life when I needed the confidence and protection to get back into the pool. I'm grateful this product is out there, and it provided the necessary comfort in the midst of a life-changing TBI." 

– Susan Johnson, Masters Swimmer  


"I have personally seen countless head strikes, collisions with the wall and other swimmers and backstroke finished. Hammer Head is an easy WIN for the sport!" 

– Bill Stephan, NFHS, NCAA & USA Swimming N3 Certified Official



I am such a huge fan of the work that you're doing for swimmer's/athletes all over the world. 

I have a daughter who has been in synchronized swimming for over 6 years. She is currently a high school synchronized swimmer. If you ever have an opening for a position for any area of your company I would be interested in continuing and supporting your growth as I think it's an absolutely necessary piece of equipment for Synchronized swimmers and other swimmers in general. I have reached out to you before and your customer service team responded and forwarded my feedback on and even my message was included in correspondence to all synchronized swimming coaches by the president of the USA synchronized organization. 

What has resulted in this support is our synchro coach has already informed me that all of our synchronized swimmers will be required to have a Hammer Head cap for the upcoming season in March and moving forward. This is incredible!!!! I am so incredibly grateful for you creating this product, forwarding my message and ultimately making a huge impact in my daughter's life and all the other swimmers' lives moving forward as she/they continues on her/their passion of synchronized swimming. 

I would love to work for an organization that is creating such an incredible need for such an incredible group of athletes. 


Lisa K, Artistic Swimming Mother (and huge fan of the Hammer Head cap!!!) 

"Summer League Swimming is all about community, water safety and fun.  Too often water safety is focused on learning to swim, but not providing protection for ongoing safety.  Hammer Head has developed an incredible product that increases safety during practice, meet warm-ups and during races." 

– ASA League Coordinator, Franke Marsden 



"My injury from an accidental kick to the head while swimming completely changed my life, forcing me to retire my Olympic goals and take almost a year off of high school. If new swim caps can be widely available that are both functional and protective, it could be a game changer in preventing concussions for aquatic athletes."

– Sarah Urke, Wayzata High School Synchronized Swim Team, Olympic Training Athlete

"I have had many years in the swimming world and have witnessed many injuries where swimmers, even at the college level, have ran into the wall or collided with other swimmers and received concussions. The Hammer Head Swim Cap would be an easy and efficient way of preventing these type of injuries and providing swimmers with an extra measure of safety."

– Adam Gannon, University of South Dakota

 "My daughter will be the first from our club to try your product, but there may be many others who follow suit. If it works, I myself have 4 swimmers and all 4 will be wearing them."

– Jennya, Swim Mom

"I initially became interested in the Hammer Head swim caps due to my three daughters who are on a competitive swim team. They dreaded the backstroke in practice as all of them have hit their heads on numerous occasions. As I learned more about Hammer Head and received a sample, I realized how important it can be for triathlons. Not only is it crucial for safety in the water during a mass start but I can feel the hydrodynamic design and tight fit. As a result, I feel faster and more confident in the water. What a great product!"

– Greg Dummer, Triathlete & Team USA Ambassador

 "My daughter has just suffered a concussion from a head to head collision during practice and I would be anxious to get her, and her younger brother, these caps."

– Angela, Swim Mom   


"Swimming is a huge part of my life and I am putting my name behind Hammer Head because I believe in it. I have two young daughters that both swim, and I want to keep them safe." 

– Tom Malchow, Three Time Olympian, USA


"I have seen a number of concussion accidents happen during regular synchronized swimming practices and competitions, even during a Pan American event. I encourage my daughter to wear it whenever she can. They practice 14 hrs per week and don't want to take any chance. The Hammer Head has been used extensively and is still in good shape, looks good and very comfortable. My daughters’ teammates on the National Team purchased one after they tried her cap. As an elite athlete, you need to do what what you can to stay protected."

– Minsheng He, Synchronized Swimming Mom 

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