A head strikes happen when a swimmer collides with someone or something resulting in a head injury. Whether you're a coach, official or instructor you’ve seen accidental head hits time and time again. Goggles fog up, swimmers are blinded by the sun, they forget to count from the 5-meter flags, a new swimmer is learning the backstroke or to circle swim correctly and before you know it they’ve hit the wall or collided with another swimmer. And to exacerbate the problem, their arm count continues to change as they get bigger and faster.

For youngsters that means pain and tears. For a competitive swimmer, it can ruin a race, reduce confidence, lose an opportunity, or still worse, end in a life-changing injury. The Hammer Head® is designed to reduce impact when these accidents happen. For example, for the best performance in the freestyle it is important for competitors at all levels to maintain proper form with their head down looking at the black line on the bottom of the swimming pool. When doing this and wearing the Hammer Head swimming cap, up goes their confidence to train aggressively knowing they have the world's only protective swim cap on.

Head safety of our swimmers should be top of mind for parents, coaches, and athletes. With the implementation of Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) across all states by major organizations like USA Swimming and the National Federation of State High School Associations, swimming as a sport needed a solution. The solution is the Hammer Head swim cap that combines safety and performance for the first time ever.





Up to 10.5% FASTER



Watch the video below to learn why Rowdy Gaines, 3x Olympic Medalist, Member of the International and Masters Swimming Hall of Fame and the Voice Of Swimming, calls the Hammer Head a GAME CHANGER!



Cumulative bumps to the head are serious and can be as damaging as one big strike – they can both lead to lifelong problems. When this happens, aquatic athletes lose confidence, be more apprehensive and their desire to participate in aquatic sports. 

Swim gear innovation has improved over the years, such as tech suits, goggles, training equipment, and nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, there has been little advancement in swim caps, and nothing to help protect our athletes from head injuries. Hammer Head Swim Caps is revolutionizing aquatic sports as the first cap designed to reduce top of head impact when strikes occur. 

Whether it is a backstroker miss-counting at the 5-meter flag and slamming into the pool wall, a triathlete entering the water in a mass competition start, an Artistic swimmer base launching the flier into an acrobatic move and hoping for an accurate landing, a diver entering the pool incorrectly at 25 MPH or a water polo goalie repeatedly heading the ball, there is a need to protect these heads like all other sports do for their athletes.

At Hammer Head we challenge the "status-quo" of flimsy silicone or fabric caps by offering the safest solution. 

The Hammer Head® Swim Cap reduces collision impact on top of the head by 50% compared to other swim caps.




We all know swimming is a sport of small measures with athletes accelerating into a cement wall as fast as possible. Whether you're coaching one or multiple swimmers, we tell them to eat right, sleep well, train hard, shave body hair, wear competition suits and goggles to reduce drag in order to cut time in the pool. 

We talk a lot about the patented head protection technology inside the Hammer Head, which sets it apart from any other swim cap in the world. But, we also want you to know that it doubles as a racing cap.

The Hammer Head is optimal as a racing cap proven by the frontal drag tests just published by Dr. Gary Hall, Sr., and The Race Club. His conclusions cited up to a 10.5% reduction in drag wearing the Hammer Head. It is like Tesla, initially designed to do good for the environment, but has the bonus of speed. This is all positive news! 

Have a peek at Coach Gary Hall, Sr.'s 4 tips to swim faster.  

“How do you go back into the frenzy of your workout with 4,5,6 swimmers per lane and not look forward? Wear your Hammer head Cap. We love these caps! They have a little cushion on the top.

God forbid somebody is on your side of the lane…you won’t hurt yourself. These caps help prevent injuries. They’ve been tested and are also faster.” 

Four things he suggests:

  1. “Be the first or give yourself 10 seconds distance”

  2. “Stay to the right (side of your lane)”

  3. “Wear this Hammer Head cap!”

  4. “Pray a lot!”      

In addition, the Hammer Head is made with premium silicone, is seamless and tear resistant and will outlast other caps. In fact, not one Hammer Head has ever ripped or torn. And to ensure the perfect fit, Hammer Head is the only swim cap in the world that comes in three sizes (small, medium and large). 

Hammer Head gives swimmers of all skill levels a high quality cap designed to be comfortable and fast and built with strength and durability for the best value.