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Racing Swim Caps


Whether you're a coach or instructor you’ve seen accidental head strikes time and time again…..with no solution to the problem. A swimmer’s goggles fog up, they’re blinded by the sun, they forget to count from the flags, they are novice swimmers daydreaming or learning how to do the backstroke or circle swim correctly and before you know it they’ve hit the wall or collided with another swimmer in crowded practice and warm up lanes. Or, maybe they haven’t recalibrated their count and they have gotten stronger and longer – they are growing! 

For youngsters that means tears, and for any competitive swimmer it can ruin a race, reduce confidence, lose an opportunity or still worse, end in injury, especially in the young (10 & under) developing brain. Top tier swimmers push their limits and train more aggressively. The Hammer Head® gives them the confidence to maintain proper form and offers them their best competitive advantage.

Watch the video below to learn why Rowdy Gaines, 3x Olympic Medalist and the Voice Of Swimming, calls the Hammer Head a GAME CHANGER!



Head safety of our swimmers is top of mind for parents, coaches and athletes with the implementation of Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) across all states by major organizations like USA Swimming and the National Federation of High Schools Association.


Cumulative bumps on the head are serious and can be as damaging as one big strike – they can both lead to lifelong problems. The occasional and unexpected and repetitive head strikes between two swimmers or the pool wall may seem minor but they’re not.

When a swimmer hits their head they begin to lose confidence and lose the desire to swim the backstroke, and are more apprehensive in busy practice or in warm up lanes. 

The Statistics Don’t Lie…

  • 73% of head injuries in practice occur from collisions with other swimmers and the wall 
  • 96% of head injuries at meets are during warm-ups and cool-downs 
  • 91.8% of parents surveyed would take steps to protect their swimmer's head if they knew of a solution

Due to great innovation, tech suits, goggles, training equipment and nutritional supplements have continued to improve over the decades - all for the good of the sport. This is not the case with swim caps, until now. Hammer Head is your swimmer’s first line of defense to protect from head injury. Hammer Head Swim Caps help to keep swimmers confident in the water so they can continue to enjoy and participate in their sport and develop an undeterred, lifelong love of swimming.

At Hammer Head we challenge the "status-quo" of flimsy silicone caps. Innovations in swim equipment like tech suits, goggles, training equipment and even nutritional supplements have continued to improve over the decades. Hammer Head is the first line of defense for your swimmer's heads and is the next generation swim cap. 


If you’re coaching one swimmer or an entire team, we all know swimming is a sport of small measures. We tell swimmers to eat right, sleep well, train hard, shave body hair, wear competition suits and goggles that help to reduce drag and cut time in the pool. But, until now no swim cap has done it all. Enter Hammer Head Swim Caps – we give swimmers of all skill levels a cap designed to give racers a cap that is both comfortable and fast and give parents a cap with greater value and quality, built with strength and durability.

We learned that it doubles as a racing cap with the frontal drag tests just published by Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. and The Race Club. His conclusions cited up to a 10.5% reduction in drag wearing the Hammer Head. It is like Tesla, initially designed to do good for the environment, but has the added bonus of speed. This is all positive news! 

 Dr. Gary Hall Sr. Founder of the Race Club            The Race Club

CLICK HERE for Dr Gary Hall, Sr.'s Four Tips On How To Swim Faster

Full Article: Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. Frontal Drag Test Results 

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