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Choose Your Color:Black
Choose Your Cap Size:Small - 19″ to 20.5″ heads

Product Highlights

  • Innovative Cushioned Interior for Unparalleled Safety
  • Dome-Shaped Exterior for Minimal Drag
  • Durable Design - Won't Rip or Tear
  • Available in Three Comfortable Sizes

Why is Hammer Head so Unique?

Hammer Head Swim Caps are the only swim caps on the market offering an interior cushion for athlete protection, setting a new standard in swimwear safety.

Why Choose Hammer Head?

  • Unmatched Safety: Protect your swimmers like never before.
  • Durability: Say goodbye to ripped swim caps.
  • Speed & Comfort: No compromise - you can have it all.

We invented Hammer Head to make every aquatic athlete safer, faster and more confident in the water with the best swim cap technology in the industry.   

Our cap is designed with HIT technology, a patented cushion inside to minimize accidental and repetitive head hits in the pool or open water alike making it 50% safer than other swim caps. It is designed for racing with a wrinkle-free dome surface that reduces frontal drag by up to 10.5%. It is also comes in three sizes, giving you the most comfortable fit and not one Hammer Head has ever torn, making it the most durable swim cap on the market.


Your Head Matters!

Introducing the world's first protective swim cap!

Say goodbye to head injuries in the water with our innovative design. The tiny honeycomb pillars inside the cap create an invisible shield, absorbing shock from accidental and repetitive impacts.

It's time to prioritize head safety in aquatic sports

Ready to RACE?

Our latest innovation is ideal for all racing enthusiasts! With its wrinkle-free, hydrodynamic dome exterior surface, it's up to 10.5% faster! Testing at top speeds proved it can shave off a whopping 0.6 seconds in a 50 Free!

That's the game-changer you need to secure victory! Don't miss out on this competitive advantage!

TEKFIT® Comfort Rules!

Dive into ultimate comfort with Hammer Head® TEKFIT®!

Designed with a proprietary cut that perfectly conforms to your head shape, it's larger in the back and smaller in the front for an unbeatable fit. No more hair-pulling struggles when putting on or taking off!

Choose from three sizes to find your perfect fit.

365 Day Guarantee

Dive into durability with Hammer Head® Swim Caps!

Our seam-free, premium silicone caps are built to withstand the test of time, making them the top choice for all swimmers. No more worrying about wear and tear!

100% Risk Free! Take advantage of our 365-day no-tear guarantee

Biggest BANG For Your BUCK!

Choose Hammer Head® caps for a smart swim gear investment.

While standard silicone caps add up to $60-$75 annually (4-5 caps at $15 each), our single $34.95 cap outlasts all others, ensuring unmatched quality and unbeatable value. Notably, no Hammer Head cap has ever torn!

With Hammer Head, you're making a wise choice for long-term savings, top-notch quality, and poolside peace of mind.

Star-Power, Right Here!

Olympian Endorsement: Olympic champions, such as Rowdy Gaines, Josh Davis, Dr. Gary Hall, Sr., Greg Dummer, and Tom Malchow, wholeheartedly support the groundbreaking advantages that Hammer Head offers to aquatic sports.

Sensory Friendly Excellence!

Hammer Head® is honored to earn a coveted place on Sensory Friendly Solutions' esteemed 'Favorite Things' list.

Our caps play a crucial role in enhancing the sensory-motor experience for individuals coping with sensory disorders, vision impairment, spatial perception challenges, noise sensitivity, and anxiety.

By minimizing distractions, we contribute to a more enriching aquatic experience for every swimmer."


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The Hammer Head® logo always goes in the front and the cap size is labeled on the inside back of the cap.
For aquatic athletes with long hair, be sure to make a low ponytail in the back and tuck your hair up inside the back of your Hammer Head swim cap.


Hammer Head is just fine working behind the scenes to give you the best experience possible. Give the prime logo real estate to your team and sponsor! Simply wear your Hammer Head under your team cap in practice or competition for improved performance and confidence to train aggressively. When you put your team cap over your Hammer Head cap, it will conform for a completely smooth and wrinkle-free racing surface.


The Hammer Head will fit ideally on many different size and shaped heads and various hair lengths. Please refer to the chart to estimate the best size for you. Simply measure the circumference of the head approximately 1" above the ears. You can wear your team cap over the Hammer Head for a more compressed fit. There is a front and a back to the your Hammer Head, so make sure our logo is always in front for the most comfortable fit. Sizes are marked on the inside back rim of the cap; small = S, medium = M and large = B (long story).


Rinse your Hammer Head after use and turn it inside out to dry completely. Avoid sharp objects that may puncture your Hammer Head.

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