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Safe & Fast Swim Caps for Adults & Youth
Safe & Fast Swim Caps for Adults & Youth
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Safe & Fast Swim Caps for Adults & Youth

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Ideal for racing, the Hammer Head® cap is safe, wrinkle-free, hydrodynamic, and reduces drag. Hammer Head® is the ONLY protective swim cap, and provides the best competitive advantage in the water.

  • TEKFIT® – new hydrodynamic wrinkle-free dome shaped design, achieving a reduction in frontal drag compared to a standard silicone cap
  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – patented technology designed to reduce the shock of repetitive and accidental head strikes in the pool
  • QUALITY – made with one solid piece of molded 100% premium silicone, tear resistant, and outlasts other caps 



Hammer Head® Swim Caps improve hydrodynamic performance in the water and reduce drag in competition.

  • Hammer Head's proprietary TEKFIT® cut is designed for the human head. Our caps are larger in the back than in front, and are available in three different sizes to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Perfect for competition, Hammer Head caps' dome silicone design in combination with honeycomb structure guarantees a smooth, wrinkle-free experience with unmatched hydrodynamic efficiency. 
  • With HIT® safety technology, swimmers can feel confident giving their full effort without worry of accidental collisions, allowing them to focus exclusively on speed.
“In addition to being safer, Hammer Head helps my client’s racing performance. Whether it’s actually putting numbers to the science, or the feel behind the cap — swimmers can tell when putting the Hammer Head cap on, they are faster.”
– Abbie Fish, Expert Technique Coach at USA Swimming High Performance Department


Hammer Head is the next generation of swim caps. All other sports require protective headgear, it's time swimming catches up.   

  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® is a revolutionary addition to swim cap design, protecting against accidental and repetitive head strikes in the pool. 
  • Tiny honeycomb pillars provide an invisible protective layer, absorbing the shock from any impact with a pool wall or other swimmers. 
  • Enhancing performance and helping Hammer Head® caps stay wrinkle-free, HIT® introduces the only major safety innovation in swim cap design in over 100 years.   
"Hammer Head the safest, fastest, most comfortable and longest lasting swim cap in the world. My BREAKOUT clinics will have the best interest of the swimmers in mind being protected by Hammer Head Swim Caps."     
– Josh Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist and Founder of BREAKOUT! Swim Clinic
"It’s a simple but essential piece of safety equipment for every swimmer." 
– Rowdy Gaines, Three Time Olympic Champion 


Made from a seamless, flexible, premium silicone, Hammer Head® caps are designed to be the most comfortable and durable cap a swimmer will ever wear.

  • Hammer Head® Swim Caps are created with a single piece of 100% premium silicone compression mold, delivering a seamless and smooth finished product.
  • Unlike other swim caps, Hammer Head caps are built to last for years and will not rip or tear. 
  • Designed for comfort and flexibility, TEKFIT® and HIT® protection set a new standard for how a swim cap should feel. 
“I got the feeling that the honeycomb technology reduced heat loss without making my head feel sweaty or hot. Normally I can feel the motion of the water against my skull through my swim cap, but I think the hydrodynamic properties of your cap removed the feel, and it was actually quite pleasant.”   
– Melissa Wieser, Triathlete


Bulk Orders: For a custom quote with or without your team logo email or call 1-888-842-5151.

  • How to Wear – The Hammer Head® logo always goes in the front and the cap size is labeled on the inside back of the cap. If you have long hair, make a low ponytail and tuck it up in the back of the cap. 
  • Double Capping - Wear your cap in practice or under your team cap in competition for improved performance and safety. When you put your team cap over the Hammer Head Swim Cap, it will contour over the HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology feature and give you a completely smooth racing surface. 
  • Sizing – The silicone Hammer Head Swim Cap will fit ideally on many different size and shaped heads and various hair lengths. Aquatic sports athlete’s head circumference (measured above the ears) ranging from 19" to 22" will provide the best fit. You can also put your team cap over the Hammer Head for a more compressed fit.  The Hammer Head logo is always located on the front center of the cap. The size is marked with "S", "M" or "L" on the back inside of your cap.
  • How to Care - Rinse your Hammer Head Swim Cap after use. Turn it inside after use to dry completely. Avoid sharp objects that may puncture your Hammer Head.

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