Did you know that on average, swimmers train more than any other sport at every athletic level. Top-tier swimmers push their limits and train more aggressively. On average, NCAA swimmers spend close to 3-4 hours a day in the pool. Josh Davis, 3x Olympic Medalist, reported ”a normal NCAA swim season is 144 days, putting swimmers in the pool over 370 hours per season plus competition time.” A3 Performance breaks down training starting at age 6 up to Olympic swimmers - reporting "a full Age Group practice can be anywhere between 3-8 miles per day."

Combine this with congested practice and warm-up lanes, novice swimmers learning pool etiquette to avoid collisions and backstroker head hits with the wall are all the more reason for swimmer head protection! According to Swimming World Magazine, 500,000 head injuries result in a doctor visit annually.




Up to 10.5% FASTER



In addition, competitive swimmers want the fastest race cap out there. Take it from Olympian Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. as he explains Hammer Head® gives swimmers the confidence to maintain proper head form and their best competitive advantage. Here’s what Josh Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist says it is “the safest, fastest, most comfortable and longest lasting swim cap in the world,” as well as the “revolutionary benefits it brings to swimmers at all levels.”


This is why we invented the revolutionary new Hammer Head® that raises the bar and takes swim caps to a whole new level. With its patented cushion inside the cap combined with a smooth exterior surface and seamless design make it 50% safer, up to 10.5% faster and 100% more durable than flimsy latex or silicone caps.


The Hammer Head® Swim Cap is designed for daily practice, during meet warm-ups, and at competitive races. Worry not, if your team is sponsored by a major manufacturer we won't steal their thunder! Your athletes can double cap to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, drag free surface with Hammer Head.

You can also put your team logo (up to 6-colors) on your Hammer Head caps and take advantage of bulk order discounts.





I have personally seen countless head strikes when on the pool deck over the years. If it is not swimmer collisions in busy warm up lanes, then it is head hits at the wall in the backstroke. As Age Group swimmers get stronger and faster they don't change their arm count at the 5 meter flags and that is when we see more head injuries. I think Hammer Head is a clear WIN for the sport!

Bill Stephan
NFHS, NCAA, USA Swimming N3 Certified Official