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Cumulative bumps on the head are serious and can be as damaging as one big strike – they can both lead to lifelong problems. The occasional and unexpected head strikes between two swimmers or the pool wall may seem minor but they’re not.

When a swimmer hits their head they begin to lose confidence and the desire to swim the backstroke, and are more apprehensive in busy practice and warm up lanes, or in open water events.

Top tier swimmers push their limits and train more aggressively. The Hammer Head® gives them the confidence to maintain proper form and offers them their best competitive advantage.

Let’s hear what Josh Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist has to say about Hammer Head! 


Through innovation, training equipment, goggles, nutritional supplements and tech suits have continued to improve over the decades….for the good of the sport and have resulted in new world records. In addition, all other competitive sports require protective helmetry - many are mandated. In the best interest of our athletes, it is about time swim caps catch up. 

Swimming is a contact sport! There has not been a solution, until now.


As an athlete you do everything your coach says, right? Eat well, sleep as much as you can, practice and train to perform at your very best for the biggest meets of the season. You wear a tech suit to reduce drag and may even shave body hair just to cut a hundredth of a second. Yet one thing has been missing from the list, your cap.

We invented a brand new type of swim cap that is designed to minimize accidental and repetitive injuries in the pool and called it the Hammer Head. We learned that it doubles as a racing cap with the frontal drag tests just published by Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. and The Race Club. His conclusions cited up to a 10.5% reduction in drag wearing the Hammer Head. It is like Tesla, initially designed to do good for the environment, but has the added bonus of speed. This is all positive news! Click here to read it! 

Wear your Hammer Head in practice and/or under your team cap in competition and benefit from the Hammer Head’s hydrodynamic surface. Watch the video below to see a demo!


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