What makes the Hammer Head® Swim Cap different?

We challenged the status quo by inventing a swim cap that brings four very important benefits to aquatic athletes; head safety, speed, comfort and durability. We strongly encourage wearing it during practice, during meet warm-ups and in competition. Let me tell you more.

How does it help protect from impacts and collisions?

The occasional and accidental head injury between two athletes, the diving platform or the pool wall may seem minor but they’re not. According to Swimming World Magazine, 500,000 head injuries result in a doctor visit annually.

Hammer Head's patented HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology is a cushion inside – invisible from the exterior – designed to help absorb and dissipate the shock from accidental and repeated collisions above and below the water. 

Two independent drop tests revealed that Hammer Head reduces collision impact on top of the head by 50% compared to other swim caps. 

How common are head injuries in swimming and other aquatic sports?

More common than you think. Head safety of our swimmers is top of mind for parents, coaches and athletes with the implementation of Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) across all states by major governing bodies like USA Swimming and the National Federation of High Schools Association.

We all know of the inherent risks in swimming like novice swimmers learning the backstroke, daydreamers doing circle turns and flip turns, 5-meter flags blowing in the wind and crowded practice and warm-up lanes. All make for a greater likelihood for head strikes and injuries, especially in the young (12 & under) developing brain.

Don’t take it from us, let the statistics speak for themselves.

    • 96% of swimmer head injuries at meets are during warm-ups and cool-downs
    • 73% of all head injuries in practice occur from collisions with other swimmers and the wall
    • Artistic Swimmers have a higher risk of head injuries
    • Triathletes have head injury risks at mass swim starts, in rough waters and on the cycling leg of the race. In fact, World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) nominated Hammer Head as "2021 Product of the Year"
    • Divers risk head injuries when hitting the platform, spring board or when they enter the water with poor form
    • Water Polo tracks the perils of concussion injuries
Hundreds of head injuries each year occur and we think one is too many!

    Can Hammer Head improve my racing performance?

    Yes, it is ideal for racing! Hammer Head® is wrinkle-free, hydrodynamic, and after thorough testing, it reduces drag by up to 10.5%. Hammer Head's smooth dome surface provides the best competitive advantage and can reduce 0.6 seconds in a 50 Free, which can easily be the difference between winning and losing a race. Listen in on the 4 tips on how to swim faster.

    How do I wear my Hammer Head Cap?

    The Hammer Head logo always goes in the front and the cap size is labeled on the inside back of the cap. If you have long hair, make a low ponytail and tuck the hair up in the back of the cap. You can double-cap and wear your team cap over the Hammer Head and maintain the smooth-wrinkle-free racing surface. Check out this brief video:



    How do I order caps for my team?

    There are a few options. You can order direct at hammerheadswimcaps.com. For team orders, contact us at info@hammerheadswimcaps.com or call 1-888-842-5151 for inside sales who will tell you about our bulk  team discounts. If you want to send your swim families to our website we will provide you with a brief educational email, a link to where to shop along with a team discount code.

    Can I customize the Hammer Head Swim Cap?

    Yes. Hammer Head Swim Caps can be custom customized with up to six colors, on one or both sides of the cap. Please contact us for a custom quote.

    Is the Hammer Head Swim Cap more durable than other caps?

    Yes. Hammer Head Swim Caps is made with premium silicone and has no seems, unlike traditional latex or silicone swim caps. Because of this it outlasts other caps. In fact, not one Hammer Head has ever ripped or torn.

    Is the Hammer Head One-Size-Fits-All?

    No, unlike any other swim cap, Hammer Head comes in three sizes; small, medium and large to ensure the best fit for your head. We know all heads are shaped differently, but please use this as a guide for your selection. You will know you have the right size when it feels like the most comfortable cap you have ever worn! Also, there is a front and a back so always be sure that our logo goes in front.


    Why does the Hammer Head Swim Cap cost more than a traditional silicone or latex cap?

    Actually, the Hammer Head turns out to be a better value in the long run. A silicone cap costs roughly $10-$15 and you will likely run through 4-5 each year so you are looking at between $40-$75. Hammer Head is $34.95 and it will last years, not months. In addition and for the first time ever, Hammer Head caps delivers safety, speed, durability and comfort...which translates into confidence! 

    Innovation has improved many elements in aquatic sports including technical  suits, goggles, training equipment, nutritional supplements over the decades - for the good of the sport and it is about time we all expect more from our swim caps.

    How can I be part of the Hammer Head Movement?

    Join our generous Affiliate Program and spread the word about Hammer Head. This is a great way to educate coaches, swimmers, athletes and parents that this swim cap technology is now available and was invented in the best interest of our great athletes - to make the sport of aquatic sports safer! For every purchase made from your personal link, you will be compensated via Venmo or PayPal.