The World's First Protective Swim Cap

The Story Behind Hammer Head®

Like all great innovations, the world’s only protective swim cap® started with an ah-ha moment. In 2013, David Burns was coaching a swim team practice doing backstroke drills with 40 kids in the pool when Madeline, his daughter, hit her head on the wall. She started crying in pain. While David and his other coaches checked on her an older swimmer hit her head even harder – and had to leave the swimming pool with what turned out to be a minor concussion. Later David remarked, “what do I need to do to protect you – get you a helmet?” Madeline replied “PLEASE!” and the idea for the Hammer Head Swim Cap was born.

As if meant to be, Theresa and Ken, swim parents to swimmer Kaden, were sitting poolside. They knew David was on to something. As a Dentist, Ken went home that day and came back to practice with a banana-shaped non-porous foam insert to try inside a basic silicone swim cap. It did what we wanted! It helped to buffer the impact of accidental collisions with the wall or other swimmers. As a bonus, the cushion inside created a wrinkle-free exterior dome surface, eliminating drag for racing. So, Theresa and David proceeded with a patent search and sourcing the talent of our engineers, designer and eventually our manufacturer.

Fast forward to today. David, a 20-year swim instructor and coach along with Theresa, experienced in establishing the business infrastructure, strategy and manufacturing and swim mom are co-founders of Mako International, LLC dba Hammer Head Swim Caps.

The company was created to design, manufacture and market Hammer Head Swim Caps for United States and abroad.