Aquatic Athletes

Why Hammer Head?

  • Water Sports ranked 10th with over 12,000 cases on the list of causes for Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Approximately 70,000 people who have TBI experience permanent damage annually
  • Statistics for children ages 0-14 who experience a TBI
    • Deaths: 26, 85
    • Hospitalizations: 37,000
    • Emergency Department visits: 435,000
  • Children ages 0 to 14 years and young people ages 15 to 19 years are at the highest risk for TBIs.
  • An estimated one out of every 6 Americans or approximately, 5.3 million Americans live with a TBI related disability. The economic cost of brain injury to society is estimated to be $76.5 billion, including $11.5 billion in direct medical costs and $64.8 billion in indirect costs (lost wages, lost productivity, non-medical costs).
  • Lifetime costs for one person surviving a severe TBI can reach $4 million. An estimate of medical and non-medical per TBI survivor averages $151,587.




Up to 10.5% FASTER



Accidents and head injuries are most commonly a result of cumulative bumps to the head occurring in all aquatic sports. The occasional and accidental head injury between two athletes, the diving platform or the pool wall may seem minor but they’re not. The most common athletic head injury is a concussion, which can range in severity, can linger and disrupt your whole world. Head injury symptoms may appear at once or can take weeks to develop. The 2021 data finds over 50% of pool injuries are to the head with roughly 10% of head hits being reported. These head injuries are serious and can be as damaging as one big head injury – leading to lifelong problems.

This is why we invented the revolutionary new Hammer Head® that raises the bar and takes swim caps to a whole new level. With its patented cushion inside the cap combined with a smooth exterior racing surface and seamless design make it 50% safer, up to 10.5% faster and 100% more durable than flimsy latex or silicone caps.

Watch the video below to see how HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® works!

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