Youth and Summer League Swim Caps


Whether you’re a veteran swim parent with years of poolside experience or you’re a parent brand new to the sport with your young athlete, you’ll come to know that swimming is a contact sport. 

Inherent risks in swimming include novice swimmers learning the backstroke, crowded practice and warm-up lanes, daydreamers doing circle turns and flip turns and 5-meter flags blowing in the wind. All make for a greater likelihood for head strikes and injuries, especially in the young (12 & under) developing brain. Even experienced swimmers can be at risk in busy practice pools and meet warm ups where there can be 25+ swimmers in a single lane at one time. Head hits occur above and below the water and many never get reported. 

Top tier swimmers push their limits and train more aggressively. The Hammer Head® gives them the confidence to maintain proper form and offers them their best competitive advantage.


Head safety of our swimmers is top of mind for parents, coaches and athletes with the implementation of Concussion Protocol Training (CPT) across all states by major organizations like USA Swimming and the National Federation of High Schools Association.

At Hammer Head we challenge the "status-quo" of flimsy silicone caps. Innovations in swim equipment like tech suits, goggles, training equipment and even nutritional supplements have continued to improve over the decades. Hammer Head is the first line of defense for your swimmer's heads and is the next generation swim cap.  

The Statistics Don’t Lie…

  • 73% of head injuries in practice occur from collisions with other swimmers and the wall 
  • 96% of head injuries at meets are during warm-ups and cool-downs
  • 91.8% of parents surveyed would take steps to protect their swimmer's head if they knew of a solution

Where many sports now mandate protective headwear for young athletes, swimming has lagged behind for decades. Until now.


  • HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® – patented cushion technology designed to reduce the shock of accidental and repetitive head strikes in the pool
  • TEKFIT® – designed with no wrinkles and built for racing
  • QUALITY – tear-resistant, premium silicone that is designed to outlast other caps