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Welcome to Hammer Head® caps, where we're dedicated to enhancing your swimming experience. Our innovative and patented swim caps go beyond ordinary swim gear to provide exceptional safety, durability, comfort and performance advantages.


Special Olympics swimmer is wearing the black Hammer Head Swim Cap for safety in the pool, swim with confidence and swim with safety. It is the best swim cap technology.

Our interior cushion technology reduces accidental and repetitive head impacts during mass race starts, congested buoy turns and  when you encounter water debris, making them a valuable choice.


Competitive swimmers appreciate our caps' hydrodynamic, wrinkle-free design, reducing drag and enhancing race performance. Simply put your race cap over your Hammer Head Swim Cap.

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Built to last, Hammer Head Caps are designed to withstand rigorous practices and races.

They won't tear or wear out easily, ensuring lasting use. In fact, not one of our caps has ripped or torn!

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Our caps cater to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Designed with a proprietary cut that perfectly conforms to your head shape, it's larger in the back and smaller in the front for an unbeatable fit. No more hair-pulling struggles when putting on or taking off! Choose from three sizes to find your perfect fit. 

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Hammer Head Swim Caps are a smart investment. Period! Their durability means fewer replacements, helping you manage your equipment budget effectively.

By choosing Hammer Head Swim Caps, you're not only elevating your swimming experience but also prioritizing safety and well-being.

Contact us at 888-842-5151 or info@hammerheadswimcaps.com to discuss special pricing options for your team.

Hammer Head Swim Cap is on Sensory Friendly Solutions Favourite Things List and Gift Guide. Hammer Head gives swimmers and swim moms peace of mind in the swimming pool. It is the best swim cap technology, helps you swim confident with safety inside and is the best swim cap for swimmers looking for friendly solutions.

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