Hammer Head® Is Sensory Friendly

We are honored that Sensory Friendly Solutions’ "RECOGNIZED" Hammer Head as the only swim cap in the world that helps people manage sensory sensitivity or reduce sensory overload. 


Special Olympics swimmer is wearing the black Hammer Head Swim Cap for safety in the pool, swim with confidence and swim with safety. It is the best swim cap technology.

"I never liked how swim caps felt, but Hammer Head is comfortable and is made with a material that doesn't pull my hair when I put it on or take it off!"

 - Special Olympics Swimmer


"For those who can't tolerate a tight fit Hammer Head comes in 3 sizes and is designed to comfortably fit the shape of the human head."

- Sonya Hed-Brown
Founder of Swim Possible, SBC and Creator of "Feel How to Swim" Curriculum for special needs swimmers 

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Helps prevent head injury and manage the sensory-motor experience for people with sensory disorders, vision loss, poor visual perception, difficulty with spatial distancing, noise sensitivity and anxiety.

Sensory Friendly Solutions’ "RECOGNIZED" products and services help people manage sensory sensitivity or reduce sensory overload. 

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Hispanic young girl wearing a pink Hammer Head swim cap the safety cap, the fast swim cap and best swim cap for small heads. The best swim cap technology is also a great summer league swim caps.

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