Special Olympics Swim Cap


Head safety of our swimmers is top of mind for parents, coaches and athletes with Concussion Protocol Training being implemented across all states by major organizations like USA Swimming and the National Federation of High Schools Association.

Watch the video below to learn more from Barbara Greve, Mother and Coach to her special needs son who loves and competes for Special Olympics.


We know of the inherent risks in swimming like swimmers doing the backstroke, daydreamers doing circle turns and flip turns, 5 meter flags blowing in the wind and crowded practice and warm-up lanes. All make for a greater likelihood for head strikes and injuries, especially in the intellectually disabled and young (12 & under) developing brain. 

Most discouraging is the fact that most of these head strikes go UNDETECTED and UNREPORTED. It is like the old Chiquita Banana slogan, "a bump on the outside means a bruise on the inside.”

In a survey we conducted in November one of our key findings was that 91.8% of parents would take steps to protect their swimmer's head if they knew of a solution. Hammer Head® challenges the "status-quo" silicone swim caps and is the solution. At Hammer Head it is our goal to enhance your swimmers experience with a safer and longer-lasting swim cap. 

Special Olympics swimmers who normally won’t wear a traditional swim caps, due to auditory and sensory issues, love the Hammer Head Swim Cap because of the patented design and premium silicone material.