Due to the growing international demand, Philippe Larlec and Podium Performance has expanded distribution across our northern border to make Hammer Head Swim Caps more accessible to Canadian athletes, coaches and parents. 

Larlec, shares "this all-new design in swim caps will benefit swimmers of all ages and abilities including artistic swimming, triathletes, age-group competitors and learn to swim schools. The end game is to improve speed and confidence, introduce innovation to swim caps while delivering head safety and a longer lasting product for all Canadians."

Theresa Finn, Hammer Head co-founder and CEO shares "Larlec attended an Artistic Swimming online event and learned about the benefits of the Hammer Head. He has two daughters in this sport where head injuries are prevalent. And without hesitation, jumped right in to get Hammer Head caps on Canadian athletes." 

David Burns, co-founder and COO of Hammer Head Swim Caps, says  "Now is the time when everyone is looking for that extra edge in the pool or open water and now Hammer Head available and more affordable to purchase in Canada."

Finn adds "all other sports make head safety a priority and it is about time aquatic sports catch up. These athletes have one noggin and they need to look out for themselves to prevent potential long-term health issues from injury." 

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