Special Olympics adopts Hammer Head® swim caps for their swimmers to advance head safety awareness and reduce injuries in the pool.



MINNEAPOLIS, June 3, 2022 - Special Olympics Minnesota (SOMN) is partnered with Hammer Head swim caps for the 2022 Summer Games to be held at the beautiful St. Thomas campus on June 18-19, 2022. This relationship dates back to 2017 with the goal of outfitting SOMN swimmers with the world's only protective swimming cap. This year over 400 swimmers and 75 coaches who make up 20 teams will battle it out for their place on the podium and celebrate the end of the February-June competitive season. Back in 2019, the last in-person SOMN Summer Games, we were able to outfit over 200 swimmers with their own Hammer Head cap at a greatly discounted price thanks to co-founders Theresa Finn and David Burns and contributions from their generous team of investors.

Mark Anderson, Development Director at SOMN shares "we felt compelled to outfit our swimmers with Hammer Head for several key reasons, but the first is safety. For the first time ever, this cap incorporates a patented safety cushion inside designed to protect the head from accidental collisions at the cement wall, the bottom of the pool or with other swimmers in busy warm up and practice lanes. And, the simple fact that it has been tested to be 50% safer than other caps has our coaches, parents and swimmers thrilled." Anderson goes on to say "they also come in three sizes, are sensory friendly and are made with material that does not pull hair when putting it on or taking it off...which is big."



"You might not think of swimming as a contact sport but it absolutely is, especially for those who experience unpredictable and uncoordinated movements in the pool. Collisions occur with other swimmers, the pool wall and bottom more than you think. That is why we invented a swim cap that not only serves those with sensory sensitivity challenges, but catches swimming up with other sports on the head safety front." says Theresa Finn, Co-Founder and Hammer Head CEO.



Rowdy Gaines, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, The Voice of USA Swimming - NBC Commentator and Masters Swimming & International Hall of Fame member endorses the Hammer Head and calls it "a game changer and essential piece of safety equipment for aquatic athletes of all ages and abilities." Gaines likens Hammer Head to the evolving bike helmet by stating "I wouldn't let my children or grandchildren ride their bikes without a helmet and swimming should be no different." Finally, Gaines adds "it is a no-brainer, the quality and value are second to none - in fact, not one Hammer Head has ever ripped!"
Bill Fish, SOMN Executive Vice President of Development & Partnerships "In addition to being part of another year of Summer Games, the SOMN swimmers will be outfitted with Hammer Head caps bearing our team logo to compete in Orlando starting June 5, 2022 with swimmers from all 50 states and the Caribbean at the 2022 USA Games. And to top it off, SOMN is honored to host the next USA Summer Games that is expected to drawing over 5,000 athletes and 150,000 spectators."  

David Burns, Swim Coach, Co-Founder and Hammer Head COO "it is our goal to improve the swimmer's experience whether it be the more comfortable fit, reducing anxiety of being in the pool, helping to reduce the echo noise for those with hearing sensitivities or confidence knowing they have head protection! And your Hammer Head won't slow you down. Testing finds it up to 10.5% faster with its wrinkle-free exterior surface....and what Special Olympics swimmer doesn't want to go faster?!"

About Hammer Head Swim Caps

A product of Mako International LLC, Hammer Head is a revolutionary new technology that is disrupting the swim cap category by raising the bar by combining head safety, comfort, speed and durability. You can buy them individually or enjoy their bulk discounts with or without your team logo. Another Sensory Friendly swim product we recommend is Frogglez Goggles. Mako International is a is a woman-owned and minority-owned LLC. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and can be reached at www.hammerheadswimcaps.com; 888-842-5151; info@hammerheadswimcaps.com


About Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community. They aim to build a culture that accepts and welcomes every single person regardless of ability or disability. We are helping to make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place—one athlete, one volunteer, one family member at a time. Through sports, our athletes celebrate their abilities, not their disabilities. Their world opens with acceptance and understanding, while becoming confident and empowered by their accomplishments. They make new friends, joining the most inclusive community on the planet—a global community that’s growing every day.Special Olympics MN is located in Minneapolis, MN and can be reached at https://specialolympicsminnesota.org; 612.333.0999; info@somn.org